Outdoor T shape Tension flag banners

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DISPLAYS OUTDOOR T shape TENSION flags with various base options. Comes in 3 sizes to suit your requirement.




Product Code : 

FLAGS: FF001 to FT009

BASES: FB001 to FB007


Polyester material digitally printed with your logo or message. Single sided, you see the correct image one side of the Flag and the reverse image on the other side of the flag.Or double sided with block out, you see correct image on both sides of the flag. This can accommodate all your point of sale display presentation. 

 Product description:






Polyester Fabric. Available in Mirror reverse, double sided with block. High reso Dye Sublimation (not screen printing) quality. any colour and image will be shaped on the high resolution UV and Water resistant material. 


FT001, FT004, FT007 – 85% Bleed through between the front side and reverse side, 

Mirror reverse Printing.


FT003, FT006, FT009 – Double sided block between front side and reverse side,

correct image on both sides printed.






Choose any of the below bases to suit your outdoor T shape TENSION flag and the environment it will be displayed.


FB001 – FLAG BASE under car wheel base 



FB003 – SCREW threaded base for GROUND  



FB004 – FLOOR and WALL BRACKET flat bracket base 



FB005 – Black powder coated CROSS BAR base with water weight

FB006 – Stainless steel CROSS BAR base

FB007 – Heavy duty round IRON BASE








DISPLAYS OUTDOOR TENSION FLAGS T shape are printed directly from your artwork you provide us. Artwork for flag printing must be a Minimum 150 dpi. 

Please use the artwork specifications provided. Or call us to email it to you.


TENSION T shape flag can be used in many outdoor situations.

Use the PIKE to push into a soft grassy or sandy area.

Use the THREADED base to screw into soft ground.

Use the BRACKET to secure with screws to the wall at 2 different angles or to the ground.

Use the CROSS Bar as a stand alone for the flag.

Use the CROSS Bar with water weight as a stand alone for the flag, in windy areas.

Use the CAR WHEEL Bar under a car tyre or pallet or any other display that you can slide the Bar under.

Use the IRON BASE for total security from wind and theft. 



This product is usually a 1 week to 2 week delivery from receipt of your artwork to size. 

We have 9 various types of outdoor flags for you to choose from (see full outdoor flag range image)


Prices do not include the base, please choose the base you require with your flag.

For prices on large quantities, please call us or email us sales@posdisplays.com.au

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