Staff in-out Magnetic Whiteboards

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Product Code :
VSB010 range communication whiteboard

Staff Status Boards (Staff in-out boards)

Write the names on or use our adhesive letters to create a truly professional office look.
See everything at a glance !

ALL boards come with:

9am to 6pm with 1/2 hour intervals shown
Notes column to indicate special activities
Modern black aluminium frame
Concealed wall fixings
Permanent lines – magnetic erasable whiteboard surface

* Aluminium pen tray supplied 
* erasable markers supplied
* Polyester laminated graphic surface with permanent lines


Stay in complete control with our range of Staff boards
Who's in, who's out, when will they return, where are they ?
If your receptionist can't answer these questions,it becomes very frustrating and annoying to your customers.
Use year after year. Economical. Either write names on or use the adhesive letters and place them onto the white magnetic name blocks

sizes available:
comes in 3 sizes to suit every organisation.

10 Name – Staff Status board (staff in-out boards)

* 10 black magnets supplied
* 1 x sheet of adhesive letters/nos
* Order Code:VSB010 Size : 615mm wide x 317mm high

20 Name – Staff Status board (staff in-out boards)

* 20 black magnets supplied
* 2 x sheets of adhesive letters/nos
* Order Code:VSB020 size: 615mm wide x 527mm high

30 Name – Staff Status board (staff in-out boards)

* 30 black magnets supplied
* 2 x sheets of adhesive letters/nos
* Order Cod:VSB030 size: 615mm wide x 737mm high

Use magnetic strips aand buttons for planning

Environment Friendly Product:
What's on the back of your board …
is just as important !
Insist on Bioboard backing ! What is Bioboard ?

Bioboard is a 100% environment friendly backing board used on all our whiteboard, cork and
noticeboards. It's made from agricultural biomass .. which includes sugar, rice, wheat stalks and
plantation poplar trees. No toxic glues or carcinogenic formaldehyde are used .. and Bioboard is
100% biodegradable. Plus because the biomass is used and no longer burnt .. carbon emissions are
substantially reduced. Bioboard Good for communication. Good for the planet !

When ordering be aware if the size will fit upstairs !
Made to Order items are non returnable.

DISPLAYS MAGNETIC staff status in-out WHITEBOARDS Laminated surface has a 12 months warranty